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Longevity Risk – lifetime uncertainty

Insurance against longevity Longevity, is one of the imponderables to consider, when one reaches retirement.  This question is how long will you live?  Real problems arise when having contributed into superannuation and now a superannuation lump sum is available to … Continue reading

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Why choose a SMSF as a saving option

Investing is regarded as complex and confusing right? That’s why you need a financial adviser to help you, isn’t it? That is true, but the costs of using a financial adviser or even a regular superannuation fund can often erode … Continue reading

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What is an annuity?

An annuity is a financial product paying an income stream to the buyer for a period of time.  The income stream is paid monthly (or quarterly, semi-annually , or annually). The person receiving the income is usually the buyer or, spouse or, children … Continue reading

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